30in30 : The Family That Teared Me Up

Indian Family

A family in Colorado set me up with this family in El Cerritos, CA. I am fascinated by this chain of trust that has made it possible for me to complete this journey. Sri and Ram have made America their home for more than a decade now. Sri studied bio chemistry in India and became a flight attendant in Lufthansa and later switched to career of teaching and educating children about science. I believe this creativity and audacity of life choices is reflected in her food as well. She served me a lunch of Indian style Quesadillas !

When I asked Ram what images to come to his mind , when he thinks of India, he said, “My parents”. This was one of the few families that teared me up. I don’t know why, but I was struggling to fight my tears as I was seeing this family from behind the camera. May be it reminded me of how much I desire everything I saw there – kids of my own and a significant other. The love amongst Ram, Sri and their sweet little son Neel was so much palpable. I am sure it would have been even more overwhelming if I had seen their toddler daughter too.