Experiences of staying with Venkata Natukula Pavan Kumar !!

Indeed the name is big enough. That seems to be mandatory for common
for any guy from Andhra Pradesh, or should I say South India? He is
quite cynical about the spelling of ‘pawan’ I have the habit of
spelling it as ‘pawan’ as most of the people, but he maintains that
it is ‘pavan’. I am also not sure of the order of the four words in
the name!!!

We are staying together during this internship, so getting to know
him and many other AP fellows through this experience. Various
others , because firstly , most of the AP guys are same!!! he
himself admits this. And secondly, there is a very beautiful thing
amongst these AP guys. They know every other entra in the college.
Not just in the batch, but also juniors and seniors. So he tells me
a thing or two about one entra or the other every day. When Pawan
kumar sings telugu songs, I feel as if I am watching Gemini or Sun
tv. They are all the same!!! In fact, it’s quite strange that in one
room, songs of 2 different languages can be heard in one room. His
telugu and my hindi can be distinctly identified.

This guy also has strange curiosities. On of them being,”i want to
see how a gals’ toilet looks like!”. I think that was really
creative of him.

These days I am watching lotsa Telugu movies with him. They are quite
understandable. After all, they are all Indain movies. Some of them are good

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