India in the western veil

These days ,Indian companies make it a point that they have pics of non-Indians in their advertisements,billboards, posters etc.. One can only speculate their intentions behind this non sense. They may be doin this to attract people, thinking that Indians have always been attracted to fair skin or to foreigners (coz some of them are Africans or American blacks as well), so this will make their ads eye catching. But they often say that that they want to show off some kinda diversity in their employees and clients, that they are serving people from all over the globe , that a substantial percentage of people working in their company are non-Indians. But those guys forget that majority of them are Indians. The Times of India and the Economic Times always ensure that their articles somehow contain a pic of non Indian thing even if that thing has got almost zero relevance to that article. I am not chauvinism or xenophobic, but I am Indian. Globlalisation is indeed the order of the day , but forceful globalisation and blind aping and appeasement is not.

Quote Unquote

Refelections of my thought process.

“har kisi ko chahiye hamari zindagi ke hisse, per hum banna chahe junke woh na samajh paye ye kisse”

“Kisi ko itna bhi naa apnaayiye ki fir tanhai bhi apni na rahe”

“Sensing a sense of satisfcation after a war is senseless”

“‘And they lived happily ever after’ is a fact of fiction only”

“If an for an eye will leave everyone blind, then two eyes for an eye will save your other eye”

“Humanity is religion”

—- Rajeev D Gupta

Does India remember it’s a sovereign country?

The Indian constitution declares India to be a sovereign state. But every time Pakistan fiddles with India, India turns its poor face to west(read America) craving for a certificate certifying that what Pakistan did was incorrect. Then Indian ‘national dailies’ give headlines- ‘America condemns acts of terror and shows solidarity with India’. I have rather started hating the word ‘condemnation’. Just ‘SPEAKING’ against the terrorism will not end it. We’ve gotta ‘ACT’ against it. Did not US give an answer to Iraq after 9/11? Did he ask for anyone’s opinion in that? If President Bush says that Pakistan should stop terrorism, will that bring back the lives of people killed in the Mumbai blasts. Why is The Times of India celebrating PM manmohan singh’s ‘success’ at G8 summit? All those countries have paid a lip service to PM Singh. What is so big to be happy for? It’s only natural to say we hate terrorism. Even Pakistan will also say that they blasts were heinous crime and they are also sending condolence message. But what good is all this for ? For how long should we continue to suffer because of weak government international policies. India is investing millions of dollars in defense. Can not that defense power be used to save our countrymen from the terror of blasts? How long should India exchange dialogues with Pakistan. Can we not give a befitting reply to that country once n for all. If an eye for an eye leaves every one blind, then two eyes for an eye can save our other eye. It’s high time that India should shed off it’s softness and show some symbol of strength rather than showing impotency when faced with terror strikes.

Now security is being beefed up in Maharashtra and other places in India. The cry will be silent in few days. The main page news will slowly fade away in darkness. Case against suspected criminals will be kept pending in the wonderful courts of India. And again another series of blasts can injure another city then. Why the hell this beefed up security not the normal level of security in India? Why we take actions (that too weaker ones) only after casualties?

Natalie Raps

A day in the life of Natalie Portman.

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The lost temples of India

Another excellent documentary I found is :

After watching this, I realized that India had and India has more resources than many developed countries. All we need is honest people to utilize the resource.

The statements worth noting are :

“India had golden age, when Europe was languishing in dark age.”.

“Excavations for temples were stopped when the British architect found erotic statues on the walls of few temples he found. Hindu religion was then assumed to be immoral and corrupt and Christianity was pure.”

“Mughal rulers devasted the Hindu temples and structures to erect their monuments and erase signs of Hindu culture”

“The Mughal Arhictecture presented the image what Britishers or the western people had thought of the eastern or Indian world – pure , moral, with no more erotica or sadhus half naked”

Times of India

Believe it or not. The Times Group in general and The Times of India newspaper in particular is a big piece of crap. They have nothing original in them. They know how to copy west. And that also results in an inferior imitation. The Mumbai attacks are being referred to as 7/11. These assholes are trying to create 9/11 effect. But these guys don’t undersand that 9/11 on being googled gives plenty of results and their 7/11 does not. In India, date syatem is dd/mm/yy. But the times group consists of several useless people. They are copying the western (may be American)style of mm/dd. Why did they not call Gujarat Earthquake of January 26, 2001, as “1/26”? Coz they did not know of such style. All this paper knows is to hype things out of proportion.

But one thing is worth noting. Wikipedia does mention Mumbai Blasts when u search for July 11. Though it doesn’t talk about London blasts (July 11, 2005).

Learning history…….. any purpose?

When I was a kid, I used to wonder why the hell do we learn history? What has happened has happened. Why do we look back? Will seeing old historical monuments and other historically rich things fill the belly of several millions starving to death every day? Will reading about world wars bring some shed on the heads of millions of destitutes suffering from chilly winter nights ? As I grew up.I understood that reading history, learning about the factual information of past helps us to understand what went wrong? What were the blunders that were commited by mankind which inflicted irreparable loss to human beings whose nuber is uncountable? All this , so that such mistakes are not repeated in ordrer to ensure peace for the future generation. Fair enough.

But are we really learning lessons from history? It was racial hatred against Jews and others that caused millions of them to be annihilated in concentration camps. Similarly the racial discrimination was the root of apartheid. India paid heavy price for religious intolerance between hindus and muslims in the form of partition. But have things changed today? Are we still not continuing to repeat our old habits? What Materazzi did to Zidane in the worldcup final was a fine example of racial hatred still nurtured in the hearts of Italians and may be several others. The communal riots in India every year also give fair idea of how much we have learnt from our past mistakes.

typing English …..on German keyboards!!

Ofcourse, the one big problem here is the frequent change of keyboards. First we got German keyboards. They were replaced by English keyboards after some 20 days, when we were getting accustomed to the German ones!!!. Now, after very long say after one month, they gave us laptop, that have once again German keyboards. I was thinking of improving my tyoing speed in the summers. That’s why I was blogging quite a lot. But shuffling between 2 different keyboards will hardly allow me to do that. In the day, I work on English ones. In the night after dinner, when I get down to pour my thoughts on blogspot, I use German keyboard of the laptop. Earlier I had to make the transition atleast in 15-20 days during the replacement, but now I have to do it daily!!!

Life is beautiful

This is a story. A story of happiness. But not an easy one to tell.
That’s how it begins. Yes, I watched the movie yesterday. It’s as beautiful as the director is claiming life to be. I had seen it earlier also, but in pieces. Could not get to sit and watch it properly. This time I did. First half was candy floss. An air of mirth all around. The music was really lovely, particularly that of Venice version opera. Humor was really sharp and intelligent. It seems that in the English version, they have made the same Italian actors to speak, as their English was perfectly European or rather Italian, as we observed in Rome.

Second part begins with a whimper, though Guido tries his best to cover that, with extra ordinary capabilities, and he does succeed. Their child was like an innocent lamb, about to be butchered. He was speaking American English. After watching the movie, I was even more drawn towards the history of Germany, concentration camps, Jews etc.. And few days back I watched Sound of Music. So my state of mind was already oriented in this direction. On the top of that, I am reading this book Fire from the sun, which is about (at least from the chapters I have read ) cruelties inflicted by Maoists. So the whole air around me these days is full of the political history, wars , crimes and I am diving more and more to gain further insight in what actually happened. Moreover, I am staying in Austria which seems to me, a clone of Deutschland. The German I heard in the movie is quite familiar. After watching that movie, I could not resist myself from exploring the history further on Wikipedia . I learnt how the Jews and people of some other some other races and kinds were exterminated in the concentration camps.

Kids and old people were told that would be given shower and they were thrown into gas chambers. That was shameful.

While going to Milan, I met a French lady, who told that even France was also quite involved in such heinous crimes but they don’t accept this.

But what is nice is that people have today moved on in their lives, and not carrying the burden of history even now.

But I was surprised to learn that America wasn’t involved in such crimes against humanity. It along with Britain and Soviet, rather liberated people from the camps. Of course, it dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that brought us into nuclear age. But that was war and every country was it’s best to win over the other. And indeed America went too far in that attempt. But what Germans did was not war against a country , but a madness giving vent to their hatred for their hatred against people of different race.