My first basket

My first basket!!!!
I have been playing basket ball for quite some time now. Only thing is earlier I was never regular. i wud play some months then leave it. i had this bad habit of givin up soon, plus i m always hardpressed for time. But this time I have been regular since the begining of the semester, and will continue to do so.

Yesterday, i did my first basket in the past 3 days !!!!
Isn’t tht great, tht does call for celebration!!!! Game was about to end. I was just under the basket, somehow the ball landed up in my raised hands. And i did it.
Manoj said, “finally RD did it”. Wow tht was a special feeling.
I hope I’ll certainly improve my game, if I stay regular with the game. The first yrite Jayant is also very helpful.
Here’s a Jordan in making !!!