Hypocrisy at its best

TOI reported today that ‘Speaker’ Somnath Chatterjee and his colleagues had to spend extra time circling because a southern China flight took more time to clear the runway. After Mumbai attacks, the same damn TOI complaint of high VIP security for MP’s and MLA’s. Now the same TOI is reporting about little extra that aContinue reading “Hypocrisy at its best”

Mumbai Terror Mubai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror

That’s what is happening all around us everyday, right? In today’s TOI, caption of marathon foto on front page is ‘mumbai runs against terror’My question is for how long? The so called 26/11 took place on Nov 26 last year. Of course I do not want people to just forget and take no lessons fromContinue reading “Mumbai Terror Mubai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror”

Crusade against print media.. continued

Few weeks rather months back, I wrote to The Hindustan Times for giving some coverage to non-south-Delhi areas too. The report gave information on plantation drive during monsoons in Delhi. Here’s what he wrote.“First of all, the story had many points. The major point was the booming business of nurseries due to early monsoons asContinue reading “Crusade against print media.. continued”

Letter to West Delhi Plus of TOI

I am regular reader of the TOI, and WDP. I have noted that you always give news about conditions of areas like Punjabi Bagh, Dwarka, Rajouri Garden, Janka Puri etc.. You describe achievements of people in these localities. But I would like to bring to your knowledge (in case you are not aware already), thatContinue reading “Letter to West Delhi Plus of TOI”

Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!

TOI reported today: NEW YORK: Former Pakistani army officials trained the terrorists who went on rampage last week in Mumbai , The New York Times said on Wednesday quoting unnamed Pentagon officials. I don’t understand why new papers even report the statements of people (officials) who don’t have the balls to stand by what theyContinue reading “Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!”

India in the western veil

These days ,Indian companies make it a point that they have pics of non-Indians in their advertisements,billboards, posters etc.. One can only speculate their intentions behind this non sense. They may be doin this to attract people, thinking that Indians have always been attracted to fair skin or to foreigners (coz some of them areContinue reading “India in the western veil”

Does India remember it’s a sovereign country?

The Indian constitution declares India to be a sovereign state. But every time Pakistan fiddles with India, India turns its poor face to west(read America) craving for a certificate certifying that what Pakistan did was incorrect. Then Indian ‘national dailies’ give headlines- ‘America condemns acts of terror and shows solidarity with India’. I have ratherContinue reading “Does India remember it’s a sovereign country?”