Hypocrisy at its best

TOI reported today that ‘Speaker’ Somnath Chatterjee and his colleagues had to spend extra time circling because a southern China flight took more time to clear the runway. After Mumbai attacks, the same damn TOI complaint of high VIP security for MP’s and MLA’s. Now the same TOI is reporting about little extra that a VIP had to waste because of some technical snag. Common men including me face similar situation so many times, those are not reported. It is by reporting such incidents that media enhances the VIP image of a person.


Mumbai Terror Mubai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror Mumbai Terror

That’s what is happening all around us everyday, right? In today’s TOI, caption of marathon foto on front page is ‘mumbai runs against terror’
My question is for how long? The so called 26/11 took place on Nov 26 last year. Of course I do not want people to just forget and take no lessons from the tragedy. But at the same time, I do not want this tragedy to be felt sad about FOREVER. And more importantly, it’s gross to see media – print or otherwise – deriving fodder out of this tragic incident. Their work is to inform citizens, and not influence their opinion or keep things alive in people’s memory.

But what irks me even more is the hypocrisy. After this article , I might be accused of indifference to the sorrow of terror victims but what should the media guys be accused of when they did not give even half as much coverage to guwahati blasts (which took place more recently ) as they are doing even to this day to Mumbai attacks. Guwahati and other north eastern cities suffered from blasts last year too. And they too suffer huge casualty. But these are reported for a day. And then forgotten. Why will not people form north-east complain of feeling detached from India? No wonder entire region is inflicted with insurgency. Why entire nation cried, Mumbai we are with you? Has one ever read, “itanagar, we are with you” ?

No wonder people coming from guwahati to delhi sometimes say they are coming to India!

Crusade against print media.. continued

Few weeks rather months back, I wrote to The Hindustan Times for giving some coverage to non-south-Delhi areas too. The report gave information on plantation drive during monsoons in Delhi.

Here’s what he wrote.
“First of all, the story had many points. The major point was the booming business of nurseries due to early monsoons as the first sentence corroborates.
The second important was voluntariness of youngsters who could be called to give a helping hand as their vacations were on when monsoon had hit.

Plantation drives do happen. there’s nothing new in it.
It was only early monsoon which made Hindustan Times publish this story. Focussing on plantation drives was not our focus.

You should read the story again!

As far as other areas are concerned. Check this sentence..
…..Gautam Pandey, who is spearheading a campaign named Hands For Trees (HFT) around
Chirag Delhi, Vasant Vihar, Dhaula Kuan and some areas in east and north Delhi……

Anyways thanks for your feedback..
We always welcome our readers to give their valuable responses.

Then I shot back with:

Well I read the story quite nicely first time itself. I am not trying to deny your first major focus and second major focus. I am concerned about the examples you took for your focus, which were mainly from south Delhi. I don’t understand why you wrote about early monsoon and plantation drive stuff, I nowhere , in my mail, doubted the reason you published the article. Hence I will rather encourage you to read the mail again!

And as you yourself pointed out in your reply here, “some areas in east and north Delhi…… ”, why ‘some areas’, when you can write chirag delhi – vasant vihar , you could also give some examples of those ‘some areas’ as well. I am sure the picture that was attached in that article was also not from those ‘some areas’ but from south Delhi only.

Anyways, thanks for your reply. I have wrote a couple of times to columnists of HT Brunch, only to find no response. It was heartening to see that your cared to reply.

That was the end, no more communications. My further correspondences to even other columnists or reporters are met with no reply. Looks like they have directed my mails to spam!!

Letter to West Delhi Plus of TOI

I am regular reader of the TOI, and WDP. I have noted that you always give news about conditions of areas like Punjabi Bagh, Dwarka, Rajouri Garden, Janka Puri etc.. You describe achievements of people in these localities. But I would like to bring to your knowledge (in case you are not aware already), that in west Delhi, there are other areas too like Sagar Pur, Uttam Nagar, Raghu Nagar. The TOI main paper anyway does not give any news from these areas, unless some serious mishap takes place and they are kind of forced to come here. But West Delhi Plus is supplement particularly about western part of the city, so at least once in a while, you can direct your cameras to our areas too, which our mostly pointed towards organized colonies. I am a resident of Sagar Pur, I have been here for the past decade or more. I hardly read anything about our area. You report about water, sanitation, road problems of Dwarka or Janak Puri. But what about Sagar Pur, where there is no public park, where in such huge colony, there’s just one post box for the past 10 years or so, where there’s no charcoal road, where no public servant comes to clean sewage, which often leads to mixing of normal water with sewage water. If no one respects our colony, why do even form a constituency and we are urged to vote. You report achievements of kids and youngsters and about malls of Rajouri Garden. I want you to know that there are genius kids in our areas too. Who makes one area posh and other down market – you guys only, the media. I am myself 2007 pass out IIT Guwahati (Computer Science), and I have been to all those *hip-hop* areas, I clearly understand all the pages – page3 and page10. This is to request you to respect all localities, that’s what true journalism is. And I hope you wouldn’t reply by telling about your reporting of some slums in west Delhi, I really request you to stay sometime in middle too, not always on the extremes.

Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!

TOI reported today:
NEW YORK: Former Pakistani army officials trained the terrorists who went on rampage last week in Mumbai , The New York Times said on Wednesday quoting unnamed Pentagon officials.

I don’t understand why new papers even report the statements of people (officials) who don’t have the balls to stand by what they speak. After Mumbai Attacks, I have been reading and hearing from all corners, about pak-link of terrorists. There has been no *solid* evidence. Those who claim to have it, say that wouldn’t share it now. Many of those who allege pak-terrorists are anonymous officials, be it those babus in external affairs ministry, be it some diplomat, or the so called reports of CIA, no body comes out in open and speaks without fear. Strangest part is that most pak-link newspaper reports are reported by The Observer, The Guardian, and NYT. Where are the TOI’s and HT’s of India? In Indian print media, like the photos of events in India, which are almost always clicked by Agency, or Reuters or AFP, now even intelligence reports of terror attacks are also out sourced from foreign press!

TOI bashing…. again

This is the text of a news article on the front page of The Times of India paper dated few weeks back.

Sanjay Dutt was busy speaking to someone on his phone. He looked into us as though the glass wall that separated the bar from his living room never existed. After a few minutes, he walked out of his bar and strode into his living room to greet us. He stood besides us donning a white floral short kurta that gracefully gave way to show his twin layer of white and golden beads, a chain with golden coin of Lord Balaji of Tirupati inscribed, on his neck. He was a wearing a pale blue gunshot jeans that would have made John Travolta think a thousand times 20 years back. A huge golden Rolex with a green dial and a black bezel kept time on his left wrist while his left hand clutched a pack of cigarettes. He radiated the combined grace and elegance of his parents, Nargis and Sanjay Dutt, as he firmly shook hands with warmth.

He sat in the corner of a black and soft-grey leather sofa with prominent black cross-stitches on its edges. Majestic, at ease, his right leg at right angle to his left and his right hand on the arm of the sofa, his left hand sliding over his pointed black and brown triangle-patterned leather shoes, he fielded questions with outright honesty and without a whiff of pretension. “No I have not read Gandhiji’s My Experiments with Truth” he said during the interview.

Well, what brilliantly important details on the front page!

India in the western veil

These days ,Indian companies make it a point that they have pics of non-Indians in their advertisements,billboards, posters etc.. One can only speculate their intentions behind this non sense. They may be doin this to attract people, thinking that Indians have always been attracted to fair skin or to foreigners (coz some of them are Africans or American blacks as well), so this will make their ads eye catching. But they often say that that they want to show off some kinda diversity in their employees and clients, that they are serving people from all over the globe , that a substantial percentage of people working in their company are non-Indians. But those guys forget that majority of them are Indians. The Times of India and the Economic Times always ensure that their articles somehow contain a pic of non Indian thing even if that thing has got almost zero relevance to that article. I am not chauvinism or xenophobic, but I am Indian. Globlalisation is indeed the order of the day , but forceful globalisation and blind aping and appeasement is not.