Letter to West Delhi Plus of TOI

I am regular reader of the TOI, and WDP. I have noted that you always give news about conditions of areas like Punjabi Bagh, Dwarka, Rajouri Garden, Janka Puri etc.. You describe achievements of people in these localities. But I would like to bring to your knowledge (in case you are not aware already), thatContinue reading “Letter to West Delhi Plus of TOI”

Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!

TOI reported today: NEW YORK: Former Pakistani army officials trained the terrorists who went on rampage last week in Mumbai , The New York Times said on Wednesday quoting unnamed Pentagon officials. I don’t understand why new papers even report the statements of people (officials) who don’t have the balls to stand by what theyContinue reading “Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!”