Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!

TOI reported today:
NEW YORK: Former Pakistani army officials trained the terrorists who went on rampage last week in Mumbai , The New York Times said on Wednesday quoting unnamed Pentagon officials.

I don’t understand why new papers even report the statements of people (officials) who don’t have the balls to stand by what they speak. After Mumbai Attacks, I have been reading and hearing from all corners, about pak-link of terrorists. There has been no *solid* evidence. Those who claim to have it, say that wouldn’t share it now. Many of those who allege pak-terrorists are anonymous officials, be it those babus in external affairs ministry, be it some diplomat, or the so called reports of CIA, no body comes out in open and speaks without fear. Strangest part is that most pak-link newspaper reports are reported by The Observer, The Guardian, and NYT. Where are the TOI’s and HT’s of India? In Indian print media, like the photos of events in India, which are almost always clicked by Agency, or Reuters or AFP, now even intelligence reports of terror attacks are also out sourced from foreign press!

2 thoughts on “Anonymity – Ambiguous.. why is everyone so coward!!

  1. Thanks for allowing anonymous comments 😀 lolYou can argue a lot but its not cowardness but maybe a form of it.Things are tragic… who want more trouble speaking their opinion. You may have a opinion but would not want to fight for proving it right with some one else…so save the trouble be anonymous…

  2. dude we live in a democratic country, if we are scared of inviting trouble by speakin our opinion, then what should ppl in other countries do? Mute themselves?Indian constitution talks of freedom of speech, shud we not use that freedom? I am not asking you to prove your opinion right or wrong, I am asking you to stand by your opinion if u feel it is right. i wish u had balls to be non-anonymous !

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