How can dating translate into love?

Love at first sight? Second sight? Third sight? How these loves happen is beyond me. You have hardly known that person, and you say that you have fell in love with that person? Similarly, the whole concept of dating culminating into love is something very incomprehensible to me. When you date someone, from the beginning,Continue reading “How can dating translate into love?”

Can business school make you less romantic?

All kinds of people would ask you why you came to business school? First, admission officers. When you make it to school, your classmates. Few months later, your career coaches. At a later time, your recruiters. And of course all through your journey, your friends and acquaintances. I too have been asked the same question.Continue reading “Can business school make you less romantic?”

Temporary liberation through unplugging

This winter break was rather a very short one. Probably little over two weeks. But like my buddy’s time at home on thanksgiving, my time was non-stop. I was always onto something – meet family X, call person Y and catch up with friend Z, purchase B, get done the task C. If not anything,Continue reading “Temporary liberation through unplugging”