Final year.. i am sporty!

All Work No Play, Makes Jack a Dull boy.. In IIT(G.. it happens Guwahati at least!), this thought descends upon the minds of students in the last lap of their race called ‘IIT life’. Yes, final year fills in the students, particularly B.techs, an unprecedented enthusiasm for sports. Not being a part of at leastContinue reading “Final year.. i am sporty!”

“Problems are meant to be solved …. not grumbled about"

This is one of the many good lessons I have learned from my friend Sachin. The deplorable state of various amenities in our hostels is something we constantly whine about. I had an interesting experience recently in this regard. There is a cistern above the urinals in our washrooms. I am not sure if peopleContinue reading ““Problems are meant to be solved …. not grumbled about"”