Final year.. i am sporty!

All Work No Play, Makes Jack a Dull boy.. In IIT(G.. it happens Guwahati at least!), this thought descends upon the minds of students in the last lap of their race called ‘IIT life’. Yes, final year fills in the students, particularly B.techs, an unprecedented enthusiasm for sports. Not being a part of at least one sport becomes so ‘not cool’ suddenly. But the first three year find a significant section of people not busy with sports. And this trend has been observed invariably year after year. So an intriguing question is “Why now? Why not earlier?” Let’s explore…

Generally, one gets a standard reply to such question, that “we had other tasks earlier. ”, but considering an IITian style of living, it is quite reasonable to agree that the ‘other tasks’ were mainly different types of recreation, since students in IIT are not nerds. So one cannot buy any sort of argument that would imply that earlier students did not get time for sports. They did, but for other kinds of leisure activities which are different for different chaps. There is one breed of people who sleep and wake with computer games. They talk of it even during meals in the mess, if at all they remember to have food during mess hours! Similarly, we have the movie maniacs. Members of this tribe are crazy about watching movies and soaps.

But film studios haven’t stopped releasing movies. New seasons and episodes of various soaps are also available even now. There is no dearth of computer games or of excitement for new arenas of old computer games. So why the other wise really exciting passions of students fail to please them now? Why are those passions put on backburner now? People who never held a ball in their hands are now hitting courts regularly. A basket ball team consisting of final year students has not five but as many as seven (or even eight sometimes!) players. Even some good second year inter-IIT students are at times displaced from the fields and are told to play somewhere else to make room for their seniors. Oh yeah, they are seniors, at least, in terms of years spent in IIT if not in their experience in sports. Students can be seen trying their hands at everything under the sun as if tasting all the food stuff in their meal! Lawn tennis seems to be the easiest option to start with. No wonder tennis court is found so much congested these days. Some boys have gone as far as purchasing new tennis rackets. It’s true that it’s never late to learn anything in life, but why this learning thought strikes in eighth semester!! Is it because your next door neighbor is playing, so you should also go for it (so that you would not be appearing left out)? ….. If reader finds a suitable answer to these questions, author would be more than pleased to see it, as he could not find one.

Rajeev Gupta

(A final year student himself and a struggling player since first year!)

2 thoughts on “Final year.. i am sporty!

  1. Rd bhai I agee with u to some extent ……. but have to take this fact in to account too that till last year no sports facilities worth mentioning existed in our campus …. we got to use them in jan 2007 i.e our “last sem ” …. but i do agree to some extent that some ppl “do” sports just to be a part of the “cool” brigade ….. having said that we should also accept the fact that none of us had a normal life before IIT …. we were all ghissu whether we accept it or not …. so 90% of the junta here was never into sports neways ……. so we are all slackers at heart ……. \m/

  2. hi akash, well, i also kinda feel ur way, regardin dismal facilities earlier. I mean though we had courts for tennis (near NAC), volley (near dihing, though it was awful!) and basky also , but they were mainly occupied by inter-iit guys. so if someone not seriously interested in certain sport, but wants to just hang out n have fun there and does have a reasonable skill set for the game, he cud be discouraged from indulgin in sports and hence might easily find the computer games more convenient for havin the way, u re akash bhunchal, rite?

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