TOI bashing…. again

This is the text of a news article on the front page of The Times of India paper dated few weeks back.

Sanjay Dutt was busy speaking to someone on his phone. He looked into us as though the glass wall that separated the bar from his living room never existed. After a few minutes, he walked out of his bar and strode into his living room to greet us. He stood besides us donning a white floral short kurta that gracefully gave way to show his twin layer of white and golden beads, a chain with golden coin of Lord Balaji of Tirupati inscribed, on his neck. He was a wearing a pale blue gunshot jeans that would have made John Travolta think a thousand times 20 years back. A huge golden Rolex with a green dial and a black bezel kept time on his left wrist while his left hand clutched a pack of cigarettes. He radiated the combined grace and elegance of his parents, Nargis and Sanjay Dutt, as he firmly shook hands with warmth.

He sat in the corner of a black and soft-grey leather sofa with prominent black cross-stitches on its edges. Majestic, at ease, his right leg at right angle to his left and his right hand on the arm of the sofa, his left hand sliding over his pointed black and brown triangle-patterned leather shoes, he fielded questions with outright honesty and without a whiff of pretension. “No I have not read Gandhiji’s My Experiments with Truth” he said during the interview.

Well, what brilliantly important details on the front page!

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