Political Warfare

In politics, there are two ways to impress the people you govern. Words and Actions. Ideally one would expect words to be a short term ploy and actions to be instrumental in creating long lasting impression. Empty vessels are known for making more noise. Actions are assumed to be louder than words. Sometimes, it worksContinue reading “Political Warfare”

कश्मीर की दहलीज तक | Kashmir, Almost !

Early in January, I had to cancel one planned trip to Kashmir. A week later, I wanted to go. Anywhere. Just somewhere.  After lots of deliberation about going to Kashmir or Bhutan or going anywhere at all,  I finally got myself close to flying to Srinagar. Loaded my iPod with the most beautiful santoor pieces,Continue reading “कश्मीर की दहलीज तक | Kashmir, Almost !”