Made in India grapes…. in foreign land

Eating those grapes exported from nasik, here in austria, was a different experience!!
But they seem to be cheaper here. I did not feel any bloody nostalgic or anything like that at that, it’s just that it’s a bit peculiar.


girl power

I wonder what that girl with big balls with wanted ? Wearing a tshirt reading ‘I need Kisses’, what do they expect men to do. Similarly, tht girl with a t-shirt reading cool, but actually the two ‘o’ were mising there. She was supposedly to using her balls to make up for that, atleast the positon of ‘c’ and ‘l’ suggested tht.

when things take ugly turn….

For over one week, I was addicted to this TV show. I don’t know what had happened to me. From the beginning I knew that I will be affected by it, but I didn’t know what was it in this show that kept on puling me to it. And for the first time, I feel bad for being an Indian, for being a part of Indian society. But it’s the same everywhere, I guess. But the show was awesome. The characters just don’t get away from my eyes, even when I close them. I even skipped breakfast or lunch at times while watching it, i mean almost lost the track of time. It was as if I lived with these characters. I really laughed and cried with them, even after promising so many people that I won’t be emotional anymore. But all these shits have to be forgotten, because reality is far from this. But now I can have some idea why people go crazy about TV shows in IIT also. But mine was not really that craziness, last time I felt all this was when in class XI I saw Rockford. But I am in love with America after all this. Yes, I luv America. Only now I m able to kinda give it up, because I can’t fine more of it on Net! Else everyday i will decide tht I will study away from this, then whenever i’ll open firfox or internet explorer, first thing that I will do is go for it.

Gurudwara in Austria

I am a cultural boy. Plus good singer. (At least I believe so, but
many people don’t .. Ramjane is one of them, and Mangla feels he
can give tough competition to me in this!) And on the top of
everything, I am a stage boy , more of a performer than an
spectator. hehehe. Lots of self boasting. Now the actual point.
The other day when we went to the sole Indian shop here in
Klagenfurt (atleast till now I haven’t found any other), I asked the
guy there if there was any Indian cultural organization there
because I wanted to spread Indian culture here. He told that there
was a Gurudwara.

This Sunday we set out to that place. We asked the driver of a bus for the number of the bus which could take us there. And I was literally touched by his reply. He said, “Bus no. 45 will take you to India” . That was not just humorous but nice of him as well. Though these Germans don’t know even english much , but he knew a thing like temple means something Indian. He knew the word
temple but not gurudwara.

We finally reached there. That did not look like a gurudwara.
I mean it resembled like any other Austrianhouse in Klagenfurt.
But we could identify the place by the presence
of many sardars. Infact, there were very few sardars, most of them
had normal hair , but covered theier heads with some holy cloth.
They offered us coke when we just reached there. It was all modern
(or Austrian !!) version of Gurudwara. In place of some sweet water
that in offered in India, they gave us this! But the hospitalities
of those people was as warm as those of any other sikh, whether
Indian or in any part of the world. I was going there only second
time. I didn’t know the rituals. So were my other friends, quite
unaware of the things . In fact one of them was from AP. Pavan Kumar.
He could not anyway understand any thing there. But people explained
us the things. We did not at all fell that we were meeting them for
the first time. Then was the time for langar, which we mainly went
there for!!!. We didn’t cook good food. And Indian food here is not
just costly but rare also. Rare, because there is only one indian
restaurant here. That explains the expensive nature also. One samosa
costs some 5 euros!! So we were dying to have indian homemade food.
We really ate the food voraciously. After the food they even dropped
us at our place. Everything was unbelievable. They even offered
food for the dinner, and gave us a jug for that. We could not have
that experience even in India I guess. One funny thing was also
noticed. An old Austrian man and his wife also came there. Man
didn’t know how to sit in Indian style for such occasion!! he was
sitting as if sitting for loo. The old woman was no less funny. She
put some ‘chunni’ around her, some sikh custom, and sat with sikh
ladies with her tiny purse. Finally we left with very warm feelings.

Experiences of staying with Venkata Natukula Pavan Kumar !!

Indeed the name is big enough. That seems to be mandatory for common
for any guy from Andhra Pradesh, or should I say South India? He is
quite cynical about the spelling of ‘pawan’ I have the habit of
spelling it as ‘pawan’ as most of the people, but he maintains that
it is ‘pavan’. I am also not sure of the order of the four words in
the name!!!

We are staying together during this internship, so getting to know
him and many other AP fellows through this experience. Various
others , because firstly , most of the AP guys are same!!! he
himself admits this. And secondly, there is a very beautiful thing
amongst these AP guys. They know every other entra in the college.
Not just in the batch, but also juniors and seniors. So he tells me
a thing or two about one entra or the other every day. When Pawan
kumar sings telugu songs, I feel as if I am watching Gemini or Sun
tv. They are all the same!!! In fact, it’s quite strange that in one
room, songs of 2 different languages can be heard in one room. His
telugu and my hindi can be distinctly identified.

This guy also has strange curiosities. On of them being,”i want to
see how a gals’ toilet looks like!”. I think that was really
creative of him.

These days I am watching lotsa Telugu movies with him. They are quite
understandable. After all, they are all Indain movies. Some of them are good

When Chentra visits us!!!

Now I was quite settled in Klagenfurt. Time flows quite fast here, through work, through jokes with pawan!!! Now it was my second weekend here. It seems to be a crime here to stay at home during weekend!! We didn’t want to be criminals. Plus it was a good time to visit new places in Austria. We were talking about some trip with our friend from Graz. He is Mr. Alok Chandra. and we call him Chentra!! . So we planned to go for trip to Salzburg and Vienna. After lot of plannings(Indians plan like anything for even the minutest event, ample proofs of it will come during the trips we made in europe, some of them being extremely funny!) and negotiati0ons about the timings , fare and place to meet, it was decieded that Chentra wouldcome to Klagenfurt to see this place and then we would proceed together to Salzburg. There came Chentra. I went to recieve him on station. He asked how far our hostel was from the station. I told him that it wud take some 15 mins. though I knew it was goin to take some 45 mins. Me cheapskate!! After all, bus fare was 1.6 euro.

Chentra taught us how to cook.

Infact, i guess that was the first day when we cooked rice in 15 days!! I had sprouted grams which I keep for breakfast. To have a nice bod. But Chentra is a guy with lot optimism. He finds opportunity in difficulty. We didn’t have lentils then. So he made some curry with grams . I was wondering how wud he make them without boiling. But this guy knows wht to be done with that. He gave me some instructions to cut onions and tomatoes, but wht came out finally was really delicous, both in taste and looks. We really devoured the food.

I also cleaned the room. Chentra’s visit was really like a visit to my home of some cousin. He also reciprocated such feelings. I wud while away with my cousins when they come to our place, and then we would go out and see places and markes around. We wud cook also. Similarly, we had lot of fun when chentra was here. We went and see Minimundus- a place that houses replicas of all the famous bulildings and monuments of the world.

Then we also did boating in the lake. In the room we ate our food by placing some kinda ‘food mats’ on the table, lest the table should become unclean. Me clean clean boy. Those ‘food mats’ were nothing but some useless cardboards or poly bags vacated from pawan’s clothes!! But we really ate like a family then.

While preparing dinner, we screwed pawan kumar, by giving him complicated cooking instructions!! and that too in hindi!!. We told him to make sure that colors of fried onions was brown. Look at the shade of brown!!!!
All in all, these were 2-3 days of ulti masti.