when things take ugly turn….

For over one week, I was addicted to this TV show. I don’t know what had happened to me. From the beginning I knew that I will be affected by it, but I didn’t know what was it in this show that kept on puling me to it. And for the first time, I feel bad for being an Indian, for being a part of Indian society. But it’s the same everywhere, I guess. But the show was awesome. The characters just don’t get away from my eyes, even when I close them. I even skipped breakfast or lunch at times while watching it, i mean almost lost the track of time. It was as if I lived with these characters. I really laughed and cried with them, even after promising so many people that I won’t be emotional anymore. But all these shits have to be forgotten, because reality is far from this. But now I can have some idea why people go crazy about TV shows in IIT also. But mine was not really that craziness, last time I felt all this was when in class XI I saw Rockford. But I am in love with America after all this. Yes, I luv America. Only now I m able to kinda give it up, because I can’t fine more of it on Net! Else everyday i will decide tht I will study away from this, then whenever i’ll open firfox or internet explorer, first thing that I will do is go for it.

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