Socializing over Sonu’s Samosa in Sagarpur

In the past, talking to your friends did not require a background music of food or beverages. An innocuous walk would do. Or just sitting on the roof would do. That changed. Now socializing happens OVER something. ‘Let’s discuss this over a cup of tea’. ‘Let’s get drinks and catch up’. It is what it is.Continue reading “Socializing over Sonu’s Samosa in Sagarpur”

Is Brand Modi Copyrighted?

  Was that a joke? Someone using Prime Minister’s picture advertisement can be fined up to Rupees 500? Is the present government just shoots from its hip when it has to make a law or rule? A lot of noise in media amplified when Modi’s picture appeared in Jio ad. And it has been a monthContinue reading “Is Brand Modi Copyrighted?”