Paan – Can this be fixed?

          Not so early morning. 7AM. DTC bus RL77. As the bus roared it’s engine, the man in front of me spat one long red pichkari leaving fresh deep red blood marks on the white foot walk that looked recently painted. I felt too lazy and confused to do or sayContinue reading “Paan – Can this be fixed?”

Socializing over Sonu’s Samosa in Sagarpur

In the past, talking to your friends did not require a background music of food or beverages. An innocuous walk would do. Or just sitting on the roof would do. That changed. Now socializing happens OVER something. ‘Let’s discuss this over a cup of tea’. ‘Let’s get drinks and catch up’. It is what it is.Continue reading “Socializing over Sonu’s Samosa in Sagarpur”

Is Brand Modi Copyrighted?

  Was that a joke? Someone using Prime Minister’s picture advertisement can be fined up to Rupees 500? Is the present government just shoots from its hip when it has to make a law or rule? A lot of noise in media amplified when Modi’s picture appeared in Jio ad. And it has been a monthContinue reading “Is Brand Modi Copyrighted?”