Meet the parents!

When ‘they’ came! I was told the previous night that someone was coming to ‘see’ me. That’s what we call it in India when we are arranging a meeting for fixing up a marital alliance. Everybody knew that it’s too early for me to even think of it, and that I had no plans forContinue reading “Meet the parents!”

Why should New Delhi mean just NDMC supervised area?

My mom came to Delhi as a young bride from a small village in Haryana about 40 years ago. After all these years later, now she hears about Common Wealth Games being hosted by Delhi in 2010. Yesterday evening, she reflected, “यह खेल कनाट प्लेस में हो रहे होंगे “. (I think that these gamesContinue reading “Why should New Delhi mean just NDMC supervised area?”