Why should New Delhi mean just NDMC supervised area?

My mom came to Delhi as a young bride from a small village in Haryana about 40 years ago. After all these years later, now she hears about Common Wealth Games being hosted by Delhi in 2010. Yesterday evening, she reflected, “यह खेल कनाट प्लेस में हो रहे होंगे “. (I think that these games will be held in Connaught place)

WHY? This woman spent over 40 years of her life in this city, voted for different governments, paid taxes for everything she consumed. Yet the places she lived in are never considered to be ‘Delhi’?

I hear about Bed and Breakfast scheme of Delhi Tourism. I hear about ‘Shera’, the mascot of the games touring Delhi. I hear of baton of Common Wealth Games doing rounds in different parts of Delhi. I hear and see these things only through news papers and televisions. Why can’t I see them with my eyes in real, without going at least 15 kilometres to see the celebration?

When will the places like Uttam Nagar, Sagar Pur, Raghu Nagar, or for that matter, all places on the left side of the wide sewage drain that separates Janak Puri area from the ‘others’ be counted in DELHI?

Or will Delhi always mean CP, ‘DefCol’, GK, Rohini, DU etc?

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