Where are the holy women of India?

India is a land of mysticism and spirituality. From the time immemorial, people concerned themselves with the  search for truth. They  pursued their quest through various means. Some meditated, while others sang and walked. Few days ago I came across some intense portraits of holy men of India – sadhus in the northern plains ofContinue reading “Where are the holy women of India?”

Natalie Raps

A day in the life of Natalie Portman. This rap just rocks : Natalie your are a crazy chicShut the f*** up and suck my d***!! Natalie we all love you,Shut the f***upI will f***u too!! Natalie what you want natalieto drink and fightwht u need natalieto f***all nite

The lost temples of India

Another excellent documentary I found is : After watching this, I realized that India had and India has more resources than many developed countries. All we need is honest people to utilize the resource. The statements worth noting are : “India had golden age, when Europe was languishing in dark age.”. “Excavations for temples wereContinue reading “The lost temples of India”