Indira Gandhi and Operation BlueStar

I loved this documentary. I was born around the same time she was assasinated. And did suffer because of the riots that broke out afterwards, though I was a only a kid, few months old.

3 thoughts on “Indira Gandhi and Operation BlueStar

  1. I cudnt see the video, wud want to coz those days changed the way many lived their lives and left an imprint on almost all…Jas

  2. to jas,u shud see the vid in the morning, when net speed is good, it’s a streaming one, bt is really gud one. i saw it again some 2-3 days back. what u do is, goto the site youtube (or u can click on the link on my blog page itself) and click on play button. Then after 1hr, the vid would have completely buffered, then u can watch at any time tht day, i mean as long as u don’t close that window… rd

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