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Believe it or not. The Times Group in general and The Times of India newspaper in particular is a big piece of crap. They have nothing original in them. They know how to copy west. And that also results in an inferior imitation. The Mumbai attacks are being referred to as 7/11. These assholes are trying to create 9/11 effect. But these guys don’t undersand that 9/11 on being googled gives plenty of results and their 7/11 does not. In India, date syatem is dd/mm/yy. But the times group consists of several useless people. They are copying the western (may be American)style of mm/dd. Why did they not call Gujarat Earthquake of January 26, 2001, as “1/26”? Coz they did not know of such style. All this paper knows is to hype things out of proportion.

But one thing is worth noting. Wikipedia does mention Mumbai Blasts when u search for July 11. Though it doesn’t talk about London blasts (July 11, 2005).

6 thoughts on “Times of India

  1. haha,isnt ‘times’ the westren company. mumbai blasts r recent how can u suppose to get search results comparable to 9/11. and why do u need the westrens to recongnize what is right or wrong. We have our own logics . Their comments wont increase the effect of bomb blasts.

  2. Well,a) The Times Group, that publishes The Times of India is Mumbai based group, it’s not any ‘western’ group.b) Even the recent news are widely available on internet, if looked for unique and good keywords, rather than copied keywords. And I was talking of the results available from Google, which I genuinely believe is a professional company and and gives fair information, not biased to east or west.c) “Their comments wont increase the effect of bomb blasts.” Surely, that won’t , but atleast people around the globe will become aware of the gravity of threat India is facing from terrorism.Last but not the least, I can assure you that even after 10 years you, if google for 7/11 you will hardly find anything relevant. As long as we copy others, we’ll get camouflaged in the big picture of those others, we’ll never be recognized as an individual identity.

  3. pity on my little knowledge.i m not a supporter of ‘the times of India’. Lack of innovation is one big problem our countrymen suffer. it is not a big deal if they tried to potray it as 9/11 attack. If u remeber the common Indian mentalitly which Lalji Singh discussed in his speech at IIT G, Indians feel the westreners are superior. Indians r not proud of themselves. Because of this they r selling millions of copy everyday.

  4. I would blame the entire media, both electronic and print..there has been this paradigm shift in the operations of the media in India and in my opinion its not for the best..there have been some very good and encouraging steps but with the power bestowed on these chaps I believe they need to tread more responsibly

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