Hypocrisy at its best

TOI reported today that ‘Speaker’ Somnath Chatterjee and his colleagues had to spend extra time circling because a southern China flight took more time to clear the runway. After Mumbai attacks, the same damn TOI complaint of high VIP security for MP’s and MLA’s. Now the same TOI is reporting about little extra that a VIP had to waste because of some technical snag. Common men including me face similar situation so many times, those are not reported. It is by reporting such incidents that media enhances the VIP image of a person.

6 thoughts on “Hypocrisy at its best

  1. To a certain degree you are right. What NY times offers usually is a more holistic view of the world and is not in the least India specific. That is all the more the reason why I like it. They often come up with astonishing articles on India and commentary of exemplary objectivity and quality that I really wish were more visible in our local newspapers. The other reason to go global with is that it is truly an eye opener to see that some of the problems that plague us are not just restricted to us in India but are more universally global. As an example the US has its own set of problems to solve -many similar to the ones in India like immigration for example. In today’s world we can learn from the triumphs and errors of not just ourselves but also the rest of the world. In many ways NY Times allows you to do that from the comfort of your living room.

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