Are you going to work?

The temperature was 95 degrees Fahrenheit. My feet were almost melting in socks further enclosed by a pair of leather shoes. Walking on 8th street, I noticed the feet of a woman in a sky blue foot wear that was letting every pore on her feet to breathe. I wondered how comfortable this woman mustContinue reading “Are you going to work?”

What would it take a Zimmerman to see a Martin as one of him?

A famous Bollywood movie called Fashion featured the downfall of a fashion model played by an even more famous actress Priyanka Chopra. The nadir of her career and life is shown when she meets a Black man in a club and discovers later in the morning that she slept with him.She walks out of theContinue reading “What would it take a Zimmerman to see a Martin as one of him?”

Diversity – In Action ?

Diversity in the modern context is often seen as simplistic as having certain number of people at one place from different backgrounds – race, color, culture, gender, sexual orientation. Many work places claim to be diverse because their employee composition represents a reasonable mix of people. Same goes for many organizations around the world. AtContinue reading “Diversity – In Action ?”

Happy Birth Day – Measure of Happiness

Pattern recognition is my favorite pastime. I am not sure if it is really a pastime, because I do it all the time – consciously or unconsciously. Observing a certain trend in my writings in past few years, I realized that most of them are satire on  society or concerns for unacceptable behavior in society.Continue reading “Happy Birth Day – Measure of Happiness”

Rules of Communication – redefined?

Last Sunday afternoon, as I finished up my lunch and jumped on Facebook to see if there was any notification from the week I needed to attend before I ended the week, I noticed a friend request on Facebook. Thankfully, Facebook shows the number of common friends you have with the person sending you theContinue reading “Rules of Communication – redefined?”

Health Passport – Can it check STDs and STIs ?

While boarding my flight to Chicago, I was asked to show my passport. Your credentials are checked before you enter a new country. Your credentials are checked before entering so many places – bars, discotheques, private parties, conferences, airplanes, concerts. But has anyone asked you for your credential when you enter the most private partyContinue reading “Health Passport – Can it check STDs and STIs ?”