Affection for South Delhi

South Delhi

What the hell is the deal with ‘South’? South of India has always been considered as the literate India. And indeed the culture of Bangalore is quite different than any north Indian city.

Now I read this news that residents in South Delhi are planting saplings in the rainy season. I wonder why only in South Delhi. I guess in places like Sagar Pur (again, first word that comes to my mind while thinking of non-posh localities is Sagar Pur!, after all this is where I have been residing for ages). People are firstly not educated enough to realize the importance of greenery/plants. But I do believe that being humans, they like green clean areas as much as any South Delhite would do. But then in our part of Delhi, we don’t have open spaces enough for raising plants and trees. People do not find place to park their cars. Where will they plant? Also, so many people in New Friend’s colony and other colonies of posh south Delhi do planting as a part of their hobby and this hobby is as fashionable as reading Atlas Shrugged or giving baths to puppies in homes for dogs or sipping red wine on a brunch! In Uttam Nagar, Raghu Nagar, and in most of pur’s and nagar’s of Delhi, people will not have these fancy ideas/hobbies. Their world is different. They will rather gossip, watch soaps, or reality shows or 24-hr news channel and sit putside their homes in the evening. So it will take quite some time before these things catch up with my world. Yes, no matter how much I earn, which fancy hotel I dine at, which posh crowd I party with, I will still belong to Sagar Pur, this name will reside on my passport and ration card for a long time. It is this Sagar Pur where I grew up in. Mentally, I might not feel at times that I belong here, like many of NRI’s might not feeling like belonging to India. But practical fact is that I am Sagar Purite!

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