Me and Julie

Initially I did not like her, like any one else from her species, in fact I did not even know until recently if she was she or he, because people would address her as he only. I got to know her gender only after she gave birth to four little angels. It’s surprising that I have been staying in Ashram now for close to 3 months without worrying about dogs. Rather I feel affectionate towards Julie. Earlier I would always hesitate to go into a house where there’s a sign beware of dogs. In such homes, I would ask from outside itself if the dog was tied or not. In fact, sometimes I would enjoy showing third finger to dog. But here at Ashram, first of all, for the first time, I am not scared of dogs and there are two of them. Four actually, there are two puppies too. I treat them like another occupant of Ashram, saying Hello when I pass by them. Things actually changed after Claudia left. Before that, I was too absorbed in conversations with Claudia to even give a look at these dogs. I would try to stay away from them. Once, I was having lunch, and Julie came and sat right under my chair. The moment my leg touched her and I realized this, I sprang from chair, shaking the whole food table and thus almost giving a heart attack to Claudia. She told that she was surprised that Julie sat under my chair, even though I did not like her then. I think over last few weeks, Julie also understands that I don’t dislike her. Earlier, when I would try to go close to her or touch her, she would kinda bark, or go away or become alert, but now she just politely closes her eyes or does not react. May be in sometime, she might reciprocate the affection as she does to other people in Ashram. I guess the relation between me and Julie is improving because she has seen how much I love her kids. First time when I tried to touch the little Frank Jr and Sophie, Julie barked and almost hit my finger. But now when I cuddle them, she doesn’t react. She’s is just silently happy that there’s one more to the army of people who shower affection on her children. It’s quite magical actually. Kids on streets in cities do not get so much love as these puppies do. Who ever comes to Ashram – new or old, just loves them, and does baby talk to them. Most strangely, Me. I wonder if ever touched a dog before this. But when these puppies are around, all my fondness comes out. Sometimes I let them probe or lick my shoes when they try to climb on to me, by placing there tiny paw on my shoes. When they walk and do kinda rap through their neck, they really resemble the little toys we see in stores, who does things or dance or walk through some spring action. But I am yet to become fully a dog person. I don’t touch them quite often, as I have fear that there might be some insects or diseases in their hair. The way even kids in Ashram keep the puppies for long in their lap and remove dirt or insect from their hair and body, I can’t do that now, may be for hygiene and fear factor. Plus I feel tired of washing hands every time I am done with them. Amit Ji in Ashram already told that there are small lices or insects kind of thins with Julie, which she has transmitted on to cane chairs which she naps upon in the afternoon. Since then, I have stopped sitting on those can chairs. Now if I can’t share a chair with dogs at this stage, how can I possibly jump straight to the level of having the puppies sleep with me. I think all of this might boil down to faith. If I had my own puppy, personal one, then I would have taken care of him, given him bath to him and then I would have belief that the puppy is clean and stay with me like another human being, and I wouldn’t have any doubts about him. As long as I don’t personally take care of the puppies in Ashram, the suspicion might prevent me from going too close to them.

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