Will India produce something as original, as proud and as ever-relevant as Kamasutra again?

Today Economic Times released the list of best business schools in India and they called the list “India’s Ivy League”. Media refers to even an ancient Indian ruler as India’s Alexander. When a film on homosexuality is made here, they call it India’s answer to Broke-back Mountain. We make North Eye in Noida to present to the world India’s London Eye! Today, while writing about IIM Ahmadabad, they mentioned in the pros of the 50 year old school that its curriculum is modeled on Harvard Business School.

After 50 years, IIMA’s syllabus is still based on HBS, and we are proud of that? And we are counting that as a reason for placing IIMA on the top of ‘India’s Ivy League’? And why can they just not be India’s premier schools, why Ivy League? After so many years, can English literature grads serving as editors and journalists think of nothing but Ivy Leagues to convey the meaning of elitist schools? Are their creativity and vocabulary so limited? Even after 60 years of independence, do media and India’s crappy journalists want us to continue giving answers to the West’s people, buildings, institutes etc.?

When we talk of India’s glory, we often talk of ZERO that Aryabhatt discovered. But what after that? No, we are better off sitting on our historical achievements.
When exactly shall we make original things again and call them original too instead of India’s answer to America or Japan or France?

I strongly believe that one thing that was discovered in the past and is still relevant is Kamasutra. Countries around the world try and answer us. Hungarian Kamasutra. Japan’s answer to Kamasutra. Swedish Kamasutra.

When will make another such relevant achievement so that news papers get something better to write?

Well till then, Hail Kamasutra.

2 thoughts on “Will India produce something as original, as proud and as ever-relevant as Kamasutra again?

  1. Probably this is because Indians are too smart to be honest at the core. As a result, most of their energies are focused on personal benefits than the benefit of the larger masses. As a result we don't do anything great which we feel proud to call our own! 🙂

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