30in30: Badlands of South Dakota

In Badlands National Park, I was fortunate from the get go.  As soon I entered the park –










I was told that camping sites are almost full and I may not get one.  By sheer stroke of luck, I was able to secure the last available one!

Car camp









Then, I wondered if  camp grounds could be  a place for meeting American Families. And I was pleasantly surprised. First I met this gentleman who had the road to he does not know where. His diverse life and career was  indeed marvelous. His was like a free flowing breeze –

Family - Dan








He gave me this as a souvenir –











Then I met this sweet couple who were on their annual pilgrimage to visit their grand kids around the country –

Family Florida








Finally, with lots of apprehension I approached this family. But their sense of openness and friendship really overwhelmed me.

MN Family 2











MN Family










Little Emma gave me this as the parting gift –












I indeed was a happy camper !



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