30in30: As I Approach California

Almost thirty days ago, I started from Central Park in New York City on a journey to meet 30 American families in 30 days before concluding my Fulbright education in America and return to India. Tomorrow, I reach the end. In San Francisco. I feel indebted to every family who became a part of this journey as I kept moving west.

I look back and I can see the happy faces of kids, dogs and parents in those families starting from first stop in Harrisburg PA till Sheridan OR yesterday. The journey has thrown many surprises, thankfully the pleasant ones. I was happy to note many tight knit families where it was hard to distinguish who were cousins and who were siblings. I was glad to find shelter in the homes who I had no common friends with. They opened their door just on plain human faith. I am quite touched but their openness and kindness. Some of them at least knew of me. At least a day in advance. Some were total strangers. Some didn’t know of me till the moment I knocked their door. Yet, the response and kindness to talk to me, or feed me or shelter me has been incredible to say the least.

As I approach San Francisco, I have some regrets that I could not see more of it. I feel happy that I have come this far. I feel longing for my home in New Delhi. I feel excited to smell ocean and enter California!


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