30in30 : The Family That Teared Me Up

Indian Family

A family in Colorado set me up with this family in El Cerritos, CA. I am fascinated by this chain of trust that has made it possible for me to complete this journey. Sri and Ram have made America their home for more than a decade now. Sri studied bio chemistry in India and became a flight attendant in Lufthansa and later switched to career of teaching and educating children about science. I believe this creativity and audacity of life choices is reflected in her food as well. She served me a lunch of Indian style Quesadillas !

When I asked Ram what images to come to his mind , when he thinks of India, he said, “My parents”. This was one of the few families that teared me up. I don’t know why, but I was struggling to fight my tears as I was seeing this family from behind the camera. May be it reminded me of how much I desire everything I saw there – kids of my own and a significant other. The love amongst Ram, Sri and their sweet little son Neel was so much palpable. I am sure it would have been even more overwhelming if I had seen their toddler daughter too.

2 thoughts on “30in30 : The Family That Teared Me Up

  1. Hi Rajiv,
    I’m following your blog, facebook page from last 4 years. It really makes me proud that a Indian is working in this sphere who is bringing the Indian tradition and western culture to people. Do continue to work and keep the momentum up!!
    Wish you best for rest of your journey!!

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