30in30: Past Wisconsin and Minnesota , on to South Dakota

It were  wonderful past couple of days. On the drive from Illinois to Wisconsin, as soon as I saw the board Welcome to Wisconsin, the landscape changed, it was more green, less traffic, lots of vegetation. Met a wonderful couple who were so different from what I imagined they would be like.. they were so fullContinue reading “30in30: Past Wisconsin and Minnesota , on to South Dakota”

Kickoff Event for the Road Trip

This Saturday, July 12th, as I begin the one month road trip across the US, I want to meet my friends before hitting the road. For a journey starting from New York City, what better place to meet and greet than the Central Park! Event : Picnic in Central Park / Kickoff 30in30 Road tripContinue reading “Kickoff Event for the Road Trip”

Discovery of America : 30 in 30

The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship. —Senator J. William Fulbright My name is Rajeev. I am a Fulbright Scholar from India.  Three yearsContinue reading “Discovery of America : 30 in 30”

Can You Recall The Five Faces You Saw Today?

  Last Friday, as I was rushing for work and walking into the subway station on East 86th street, I was so lost in my own world and thoughts that I did not see a man coming from the opposite side at the same turnstile where I was about to swipe my card.  I noticedContinue reading “Can You Recall The Five Faces You Saw Today?”

Where are the holy women of India?

India is a land of mysticism and spirituality. From the time immemorial, people concerned themselves with the  search for truth. They  pursued their quest through various means. Some meditated, while others sang and walked. Few days ago I came across some intense portraits of holy men of India – sadhus in the northern plains ofContinue reading “Where are the holy women of India?”