GoAir, Go Where? Mr Jehangir Wadia, It Could Have Been Your Father

Two days ago, my father got heart attack, my family was on its way to hospital. When I got that call from home, I   jumped into action of calls to insurance, HR, hospital etc. After couple of hours of emails, phone calls to set up cashless process, I went to Expedia and found that thereContinue reading “GoAir, Go Where? Mr Jehangir Wadia, It Could Have Been Your Father”

.. On the Economics .. of PK

There is no denying that many ridiculous things are a part of  many religions of the world. Rational followers of each of them possibly testify that and know the inner jokes.  Hinduism – known for its symbols, has lot of elements to talk about, to make fun of, or to reflect upon. Hinduism is fairly openContinue reading “.. On the Economics .. of PK”

30in30 : The Family That Teared Me Up

A family in Colorado set me up with this family in El Cerritos, CA. I am fascinated by this chain of trust that has made it possible for me to complete this journey. Sri and Ram have made America their home for more than a decade now. Sri studied bio chemistry in India and becameContinue reading “30in30 : The Family That Teared Me Up”

30in30 : Conclusion

Stories will be told. And Retold. More people will join and leave this journey. But for all practical purpose, as I pack my bags to go to India, I will call the journey concluded. In California! Here is how it ended! – http://abc7news.com/society/man-from-india-ends-30-in-30-challenge-in-bay-area/248383/     And thanks to all of you, we raised $3000 through kickContinue reading “30in30 : Conclusion”

30in30 : What Makes A Family Anyway?

I sometimes see myself conditioned about what to find when I enter a family home – a man , a woman, two men, two women, may be a child, may be a living a room, sometimes a pet, and definitely a kitchen.. and things to those effect.  All those things give a feeling of ‘normal’ orContinue reading “30in30 : What Makes A Family Anyway?”

30in30: As I Approach California

Almost thirty days ago, I started from Central Park in New York City on a journey to meet 30 American families in 30 days before concluding my Fulbright education in America and return to India. Tomorrow, I reach the end. In San Francisco. I feel indebted to every family who became a part of thisContinue reading “30in30: As I Approach California”

30in30 : The Ballerina Who Walked Across the Country

The first home whose story I captured on my camera on this journey was that of Frankie Price Presslaff in Indiana. They knew this woman called Granny Mary in Portland. Back then I was in Bloomington and Portland was so far on my road to west that I could not imagine who is Granny Mary orContinue reading “30in30 : The Ballerina Who Walked Across the Country”