Two questions for the Demonetization Drive

  The success of demonetization drive depends on not just economic factors but also operational efficiency drivers. Assume that, if carried out successfully, this drive will give the intended benefits. For the economists – could there be a better method for achieving the goals that current demonetization aims to accomplish? For the operations experts –Continue reading “Two questions for the Demonetization Drive”

Frustration of a Delhi Traffic Cop

Last Tuesday, at around 8 in the evening, I got down at Uttam Nagar East Metro station. As usual , today too, footwalk was occupied by grocery sellers and other hawkers. The minor difference was that occasional presence of traffic officer, or I thought that he was an officer. Even though I had been advised severalContinue reading “Frustration of a Delhi Traffic Cop”

एक ट्रैफिक पुलिस की विवशता

शाम 8 बजे मैं उत्तम नगर ईस्ट पर उतरा। जैसे हमेशा होता है, आज भी फुटपाथ पर फल सब्ज़ी और अन्य चीज़ें बेचने वालों का डेरा था। बस फर्क इतना कि एक ट्रैफिक अधिकारी भी था। मेरे मित्रों के लाख समझाने के बाद भी, कि तू सारी जंगें नहीं लड़ सकता, चुन अपनी अपनी जंग,Continue reading “एक ट्रैफिक पुलिस की विवशता”

पहाड़ की मिट्टी तनिक लग लन दे

पहाड़ की मिट्टी , तनिक लग लन दे जे धुल तोरे तन पे, तनिक चढ़ लन दे मैं जानू जे धुप, तोरी काया सताय जाय खुजलाय, जाय लाल बनाय पर फिर गरमाए, तोहे खूब लुभाय इस खिलते सूरज को, तोहे छू लन दे पहाड़ की मिट्टी , तनिक लग लन दे मैं जानू के लोगनContinue reading “पहाड़ की मिट्टी तनिक लग लन दे”

Onam Greetings ഓണാശംസകൾ !

  I had been meaning to write this post for a year now. I experienced Kerala in its full glory last year for the first time. Now that next Onam has arrived, this post is long due. ….. I had limited exposure to Kerala. Growing up, I knew only two things about Kerala – itContinue reading “Onam Greetings ഓണാശംസകൾ !”

Goodbye दक्षिण : The South in India

As I pack my bags and leave the city of Bangalore and reflect on the two years that I spent here, I couldn’t be more grateful to these two years for showing me the India that I was so little aware of. I was so ignorant that I couldn’t easily distinguish between scripts and speechContinue reading “Goodbye दक्षिण : The South in India”

Customer Support from Grofers

At the core of any customer support system is empathy. Grofers, the online grocery delivery service demonstrated this very well recently. After hearing about them from my colleagues and friends, I used their app for the first time. I have had some bad experiences with other such apps. But due to recommendations from friends, IContinue reading “Customer Support from Grofers”

Why is Mulayam still in power ?

When I came across this, I got a brain freeze for few seconds. And then storm of questions hit me. Is it the lack of education in UPites in general ? But then, is education so critical and fundamental that on an average , its absence  causes people to make as ridiculous choices as Mulayam andContinue reading “Why is Mulayam still in power ?”