fun and work @ work place

There are two conflicting school of thoughts in my mind about balancing fun and work at work. One of my colleague reminded (because Siddharth had told me about the same sometime) me today of British or (generally) western style of working. Brits work only during office hours of 9-5 whatever is that time window of 8 hrs is. But during those 8 hours, all they do is work. They don’t waste time or should I say, spend time on activities which are not related to work. But as their 8hrs are over, they rush to home or anywhere but office.

I also like that kind of working atmosphere and ideally I would have worked like that only. But if I work like that focusing only on my work, will I not be considered aloof? I am seeing people huddled in one cube, may be sharing some sweets or some joke. Should I not press Windows L and leave my desk , go and join them? If I do that I will be loosing time close to half an hour. Because after that entire party might move to terrace for sharing puff and coffe. Such occasions will occur several times in day. So everyday, I will lose considerable time, which if I had put in work, I would have wounded up my work early and left early and could find time for host of other activities. But if I come to office, work and leave, and continue this for long, will I not be considered aloof by my colleague. At any new work place, one would like to make new friends and make the friendship closer. But that would not be possible if all I do in office is work.

Where to draw line?

That colleague of mine told that it’s all in mind. Ultimately, if one speaks politely to a colleague and asks for help, he will be helped, and what more one expects from a colleague.
I wasn’t fully convinced with this to accept completely the new style of working. Even though I actually work in that style to a great extent unconsciously for some reason.

Yet after this discussion I fail to find where to draw line, which school of thought is good for me. Perhaps someone reading this might be able to suggest. I feel that it solely depends on person and his abilities. Sachin for example, can talk to all his friends/colleagues, afford to join in any number of puffs or TT games and still be able to finish work on/before deadlines. I on the other hand will have to compromise on one thing to achieve the other.

2 thoughts on “fun and work @ work place

  1. There are certain assumptions in this blog which may not be true.1. You Always have the option to have “fun at work” at any kind of workplace at any location. If you are a cashier at a bank, then you cannot leave the cash counter at any time of the work day except say lunch break and washroom breaks. The same applies to a call- center employee expected to call 8 hours a day.2. You have “friends” in Office who grudge that you are aloof, cos you are doing your work and have no time for them. If your friends do not like you to succeed in your primary role in Office, they are not your friends.3. By nature you can choose to be aloof or “friendly”, and both are equi-probable for any person.. A reserved person for example may enjoy being aloof.Your dilemma is purely circumstantial in a sense that you are lucky to have the Choice.A retail-store worker in UK working in a 8 hour shift Has to Work for as long as shit time save the necessary breaks like food,etc. he has No option for TT.Similarly a person who has family and kids back home would like to spend his time in off as productively as possible to earn good bread for the family and give his family time bk home time. On the contrary a college fresher will like to spend more time with friends.So dont get confused :)..Also after some experience it will be easy to prioritize. .. In a sense that you always have a Purpose for being at a place for a work-day for you are a professional, so you have a responsibility. If you are honest to yourself about that purpose, you can work anyway you feel like provided the environment and circumstances allow you too. Also, as the saying goes, You will always have time for doing things you love doing :)..So bottomline..enjoy whatever you are doing, whether work or play :)..cheers!

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