The regular embarassment

There are few situations of awkwardness which I face every now and then. Problem is one can’t get rid of them, you run into them almost everyday.

Firstly, if someone sings just casually and makes facial expression and looks or comes towards you or looks at you as if singing to you, although he might be in the mind emphasizing the meaning/feeling of song and least aware of me or the embarrassment within storming my mind. What the hell he/she is doing? Why can’t he sing alone? I never do that torture to anyone. I sing only in elevator when there is no one else. I wonder if in those times, I should sing with them, or sing along them – both these actions will make me feel even more embarrassed. Or should I ignore them, like they don’t exist. That might make them feel I am not attending them, or more busy in my work! What to do man.

Secondly, people cracking awfully pathetic jokes. How can someone do this to me? It’s tough to laugh. I just smile to give them some respect lest they should feel ignored and consider me rude. But it becomes a torture, when I am the butt of joke. I don’t mind laughing at myself, but the joke has to be funny by my humor. So now when I smile, people feel I am shying. Wht mother crap is that. I guess in future, I should smile or laugh only when I feel like doing the same, without giving shit to any social obligations. Like Sachin does. Yet everyone loves him.

Thirdly (and certainly not the last), grown ups asking me how much money I make. Do they not have least social manners? It’s so embarrassing.

2 thoughts on “The regular embarassment

  1. For firstly thing, if the singer is a male or ordinary female just ignore them. But if she is some good looking chick just let her come close enough so that she can notice you and then just show some Michael Jackson steps synchronized to her song. 🙂For secondly thing, If the joke was really pathetic( more pathetic than my PJ) then with a smile say “Wow! u r setting new limits for PJs”. If he/she get encouraged by this then next time try “Shit! i forgot my earplugs today”.And when there is a joke on you and you don’t enjoy it then u can say “It will be more humorous if u do my role in it”.For thirdly thing, polite answer will be “i earn enough to make my living”. But i know they will keep insisting until they get it from you. You can ask “Kyon mere liya rishta doondhna hai kya?”.Caution: Above mentioned things are untested.

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