Delhi Governance

Delhi Government is perhaps the best government of all the state govermetns in India. Of course it too suffers freomn problems associated with govt. departments, but what Ms. Shiela Dikshit has done in Delhi duting her ternure so far is unparalleled by any of her predecessors.

I particularly like the simple advertisemsnts that they publish in newspapers and on bill boards. The advertisements are really simple to read with no fancy words and jazzy art. Somehow they take you to old word charm. And those ads are really informative, through them we learn what govt is doing, how can we access different services offered by govt free of cost, which most of the people are unaware of. Govt has so many grievances cells, and they would not know of problem unless we report them. We must make use of these services. The bhagidari scheme is another wonderful programme of Delhi Govt which is again no-nonsene kind of project. Citizens should participate in this to make things happen. I have used the grievance cell phone numbers to report a couple of problems, lets see if that works.

Talking of Delhi, I was recently impressed by visit of E Sreedharan’s visit to Delhi Metro. This guy asked for more soap boys in the premises of Metro Station for cleaning stone surfaces. When even in North and South Bloc, one can easily find gutkhas and paan spits, and bird nests, DMRC’s emphasis on cleanliness and maintenance is simply exemplary. They are also trying to make the look and feel of all stations uniform. That is what is perfection. I am so happy there some places in our country in govt sector, where this perfection is seeked.

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