Why am I pissed off?

Quite often I stay in unpleasant mood. Cranky. I decided to list down my problems.
Here they are:
One. I have huge tummy that refuses to disappear even after workin my ass up for getting rid of it. Winters are arriving , what I am gonna do? I woudn’t be able to dress up properly, so many of clothes will lie useless as they would look ugly with tummy. I can’t even think of updating my wardrobe for the new season.

Two. My hair are growing at a miserably slow rate after I got the ghagini hair cut. I doubt if they are really growing. And I look awfully pathetic in this. And holy crap! Those few white hairs look even more prominent when their length is less, I can’t even hide them in other hair. This gives more tension which in turn turns more hair white.

Three. I am growing darker by the day. Thanks to Delhi weather.

Because of the above reasons I have stopped even glancing at mirror now. I realize that I haven’t bought a single piece of cloth or any footwear for me in ages now. What shall I do with them with this ever growing belly. It really depresses me to acknowledge that I am ageing. I wonder if I have so much negative thoughts, then perhaps people who are in 40’s should just kill themselves

5 thoughts on “Why am I pissed off?

  1. yes man, that’s what I am aiming at now!!! I have stopped giving focus of workout to tummy, rather if rest of the stuff grows big tummy will fit well in larger scheme of things 😉

  2. you are not alone in this fight -I promise you that. Eagerly awaiting the day that they invent an obesity and gray hair pill. Swallow a capsule a day and your muscles are tricked into thinking they are working out.

  3. Don’t tell me you too are in this fight against obesity, good to know I am not bloody alone [;)] , but yaar i feel hopeless now about this. i have been trying now for very long.

  4. I am in it too dude.. neck deep. I was looking for some inspiration ! I’ve tried everything from diet to exercise and nothing seems to be working. But the one thing that I felt that I wasn’t doing was enjoying the age old pass time of playing. Now that I’ve started playing I find it to be a lot more fun way of getting exercise. Start playing tennis – or enroll yourself in a swimming class or compete with friends in squash or badminton. You could find some sport (sadly – other than cricket, which offers very little in terms of exercise) where you can both have fun and get exercise. The loosing battle against the tummy wont seem un-enjoyable at least. That’s my take on it. Nevertheless – I fully support the development of a genetic pill during my lifetime that tricks the muscles into exercising. That’s going to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, play and have fun.

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