Uncle Uncle Uncle

Uncle Uncle Uncle

Of late when I meet some married acquaintance of mine, I am getting a new tag – ‘Uncle’. When ever I visit his/her family, the kids address me as uncle. Or that friend will ask the kid to ‘say hello to uncle’. I remember when Papa’s friend Sanjay ‘uncle’ used to visit us, we would call him uncle only, and he used to be of same age as I am today, and he too was unmarried. In fact, there were lots of Papa’s friends who were uncles for us. So for my married friends, it’s perfectly fine for them to find an uncle in me for their kids. But I fail to find a fixed point in time line when I made this transition from ‘Bhaiyya’ to ‘Uncle’. Or was it rather a gradual transition? Whatever it may be, it hurts to feel I have aged. A ‘Chaachu’ might have felt pleasant and less age defining! But then it would have become a formal relationship in Indian set up, whereas ‘Uncle’ is a freeway relationship, you get in and get out as and when convenient!

But the uncle episode gives me one more reason to run away to US of A, where everyone other than father is uncle/sir. And when you are not addressing someone by uncle, you address him by his name, even if he is your step dad of twice your age, “Hey Bob, didn’t Mom come with you today?” 

7 thoughts on “Uncle Uncle Uncle

  1. Reminds me of that ad- “Hello Pooja didi, Hello uncle”. And then the poor guy hearing voice inside his head – “Uncle, Uncle, Uncle”.
    In USofA u might find it more unpleasant when kids call u Raij eve instead of kids in India calling u Uncle 🙂
    Dee Pack ;).

  2. this is true yaar…I can also not remember when I’ve turned from.. “bhaiyya” to “uncle”…oh man these kids remind us that time is running out…

  3. oh !
    I never had a bhaiyya phase!
    children started calling me uncle since my tenth class(the way I looked perhaps). So I kind of got used to it.

  4. @rahul_nsm

    Man you don’t look that old even now!! why were you called uncle in when you were in class 10! were kids in your place age blind! but lucky you.. you don’t have to go thru the pain now!

  5. Something similar happened with me once… the only difference was I called a girl (maybe 2-3 yrs younger) aunty only coz she was wearing a saree… n the worst part was she fought with me very badly n everybody in the train was rolling with laughter! 😦

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