Giving up on love

After so many love failures in the beginning, I am tired of all these chasing after chick games. I think I should quit now. If it has to happen, it will happen anyway. Love is not something you have to make efforts to find it. It’s not like clearing some exam or job interview that you will have to make efforts for. After all, this damn fist shaped thing in the left side of my body does not follow any of the written/ unwritten rules of human beings. It has its own language, grammar, codes – all of which is beyond comprehension of any one. And quitting is good. The efforts I was putting in this ‘seeking love’ process can be better used at work, where I do expect results to come out, as that work is a linear process. You work hard (albeit with some smartness), you get results, you get promotion, and you feel happy. But you go out, you strain your eyes in catching one glimpse of that b’ful gal, or you are driving, you see a gorgeous face in car going next to you, you try to maintain speed with her vehicle, only to discover that while you were having great start of morning in admiring beauty, you ran into another vehicle in your front, or you got challaned for over-speeding! So I have decided now, I will not give second looks to a girl. It all begins with that second look. Your sight happens to fall on some sweet gal, next you give second look, then you follow her, try to find out details, if successful after lot of hard-work, you get her number, and if lucky, you will get coffee date, but all these come with an expiry date of 3rd date, after which it’s a break up, as she announces, “I got engaged!!”. Did I hear from someone now, ‘well it never started in the first place’? Well at least for cupid-hearted-extra-romantic fellows like me, it already started from that second look . Hence proved  no second look => no love lorn hearts.

Irony, as I conclude this brief, mere naina dhoonde mere naina ko. Will this heart ever stop beating for someone else? I know realize how much sense those non-sense movies ‘Dil to Pagal Hai’ and ‘Dil hai ki manta nahi’ make.

7 thoughts on “Giving up on love

  1. @aditya.. dude i am (ok was! ) lookin for dudette not dood!

    @shree.. thanks shree.. ur comments always kinda settle the unrest in my mind in a positive manner!

  2. Following a girl who you saw while driving, doesn’t it seem like stalking :).

    Seriously you should not give up, as you are my guru in these matters, Your giving up ruins my future too. So be optimistic.
    Remember what Obama said : “Yes We Can”.

  3. Really things are changing now a days… nw girls hunt fr guys, they ask them out, pay their bills, propose them n then get rejected ( the reasons are the same old ones: “I always thot of u only as a frnd”, “I have to concentrate on my career”.. blah blah)… poor girls.. 😦

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