“We could not care less about New York”

This was a consequence of a plain door knock. As I was driving through the ranches on my way to Jackson  Hole, WY, I wondered what these ranchers are like. Are they like the cowboys of the Brokeback Mountain. So I drove into one of them. I knocked the multiple doors of the house there. No one answered. Not disappointed, because the town was full of ranches, I drove out and looked for another ranch while driving further. Then I passed Warm Creek Ranch. I don’t know why, but this looked promising. I drove reverse in the pull out lane of this highway for a quarter of a mile and got into the ranch. There was a young looking couple moving some heavy equipment. I said Hello and introduced myself and told why I was there. The man asked me to talk to his father in the house. And so I did. Father came out of house and I learned that his name was Larry Cooke. He was a real cowboy. He had his hat and boots on. He asked me to wait while they moved the heavy equipment. I offered to help and together we moved that boiler / engine / I-don’t-know-what.  Now that that was out of way, I was to re-introduce myself to Larry to resume but my hands were full of mud from that moving. So I quickly ran to my car and cleaned them with sanitizer and told my story to Larry. He agreed to speak with me. His wife too joined. I learned they never left this town of Victor in Idaha with a population less than 2000. Or at least his wife. I asked her if she missed anything by not living in a big city, say, New York.

“I could not care less about New York. I don’t mind if I never get to see it”

family ranchphoto (8)

One thought on ““We could not care less about New York”

  1. Well they should care. Taxes from NY subsidize their lives. I care about the west, I care about all of US. to NOT care about the US city that drives the national economy is stupid.

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