30in30: “We make sure that all in our family share at least one meal every day.”

I wanted to make a small break in Spokane WA, the first stop in that state. A friend googled up that town and told me about Dr Sanjay Logani who is a pathologist in Spokane. Found his number and called up his office. The secretary told Dr Logani that a documentary film maker from India is on the line and asked if Dr Logani would speak with me. He was kind to take the call. After few questions to establish  trust and authenticity , he agreed to have his family spend some time with me. When I reached there in the state park, there was not one but three Indian families in the park where they had come for picnic. For the first time in this trip, I met an Indian family. When I asked him about his family, he said, “We make sure that all in our family share at least one meal every day.”




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