30in30 : Surprise from Switzerland

In the Yellow Stone National Park, a family from Switzerland was chatting with me while seeing the Old Faithful erupt. When they learned about the trip, they asked about how I was funding the trip. On learning about Kickstarter, they were overwhelmed and said , “Please don’t mind but allow us to support this” and made cash contribution on the spot. In the moment of gratitude I forgot to even take picture with them. They told me they would write to me. And then they mysteriously disappeared. Don’t know if I get to see them again. All I remember is that they were Oliver, Valerie , John and a-difficult-French-name from Lucerne.


One thought on “30in30 : Surprise from Switzerland

  1. hey rayeev. long time not see. hope you made a safe trip home and we all looking forward to see your movie about your trip. we are back in switzerland since a week and we miss the warm and sunny weather from colorado and moab. we had and still have a wet and cold summer her in switzerland. all the best and keep going – keep smiling. oliver, valerie, gian and cla.

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