My introduction in my own land!

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own country. Off late, when I go somewhere and I am asked for ‘aapka parichay’. In my introduction, I say, ‘Rajeev Gupta, Gairsain’, which I guess should be sufficient. But they insist in asking, “No, where are you from? Which organization?”. They want to get out ofContinue reading “My introduction in my own land!”

Accountability of a people’s servant

It was my 3rd visit to Krishi Mahotsav today. It was at Maithan, which meant I went down around 200 meters in terms of altitude, thus it was very warm there. Initially, I was sitting in shade, but my buddy sun wanted to see me, although I did not and thus began the game ofContinue reading “Accountability of a people’s servant”

Learnings from Swades – Education

I just read a small interview of a kid from SIDH. He studied in SIDH’s primary school. Now SIDH’s education is different from conventional education, because SIDH does not give education compartmentalized in different subjects through text books. It focuses education from within the village’s resources. A kid reads about trees, the occupation of peopleContinue reading “Learnings from Swades – Education”

typing English …..on German keyboards!!

Ofcourse, the one big problem here is the frequent change of keyboards. First we got German keyboards. They were replaced by English keyboards after some 20 days, when we were getting accustomed to the German ones!!!. Now, after very long say after one month, they gave us laptop, that have once again German keyboards. IContinue reading “typing English …..on German keyboards!!”