India in the western veil

These days ,Indian companies make it a point that they have pics of non-Indians in their advertisements,billboards, posters etc.. One can only speculate their intentions behind this non sense. They may be doin this to attract people, thinking that Indians have always been attracted to fair skin or to foreigners (coz some of them areContinue reading “India in the western veil”

Does India remember it’s a sovereign country?

The Indian constitution declares India to be a sovereign state. But every time Pakistan fiddles with India, India turns its poor face to west(read America) craving for a certificate certifying that what Pakistan did was incorrect. Then Indian ‘national dailies’ give headlines- ‘America condemns acts of terror and shows solidarity with India’. I have ratherContinue reading “Does India remember it’s a sovereign country?”

Natalie Raps

A day in the life of Natalie Portman. This rap just rocks : Natalie your are a crazy chicShut the f*** up and suck my d***!! Natalie we all love you,Shut the f***upI will f***u too!! Natalie what you want natalieto drink and fightwht u need natalieto f***all nite

The lost temples of India

Another excellent documentary I found is : After watching this, I realized that India had and India has more resources than many developed countries. All we need is honest people to utilize the resource. The statements worth noting are : “India had golden age, when Europe was languishing in dark age.”. “Excavations for temples wereContinue reading “The lost temples of India”

Learning history…….. any purpose?

When I was a kid, I used to wonder why the hell do we learn history? What has happened has happened. Why do we look back? Will seeing old historical monuments and other historically rich things fill the belly of several millions starving to death every day? Will reading about world wars bring some shedContinue reading “Learning history…….. any purpose?”

typing English …..on German keyboards!!

Ofcourse, the one big problem here is the frequent change of keyboards. First we got German keyboards. They were replaced by English keyboards after some 20 days, when we were getting accustomed to the German ones!!!. Now, after very long say after one month, they gave us laptop, that have once again German keyboards. IContinue reading “typing English …..on German keyboards!!”